JEDI One Home Page


On the left, the navigation menu allows you to easily access JEDI One's features and configuration. The other sections on the page are described below:

  1. Local date and time
  2. Configuration status
  3. System alerts
  4. Info, warning and error messages
  5. Contact support
  6. Current user options

Local date and time

This is the browser's local date and time.

Configuration status

JEDI One has several configuration options. The configuration status indicates the percentage of options that have been configured.

System alerts

This area on the JEDI One home page contains important alerts for the user.

Info, warning and error message

By clicking the right arrow, you will be able to browse the info, warning and error messages that have occurred while JEDI One is operational.

Contact support

Enables you to send an e-mail to Machinechat support with one click.

Current user options

From this menu, you can:

  • Edit the current user's profile
  • Reset the current user's password
  • Logout